1. By submitting an order to buy Hospitality tickets or renewing your Partnership you are granted Partnership and accept the following terms and conditions:


  1. Corporate Partners may choose to join or renew either online, by submitting an application form or renewal form in the post, over the phone, or in person. Regardless of how the Corporate Partnership is purchased, as a condition of their Corporate Partnership, all Corporate Partners agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Corporate Partnership department.


  1. In order to receive important up-to-date information throughout the season email addresses are required and it is up to the member to notify the St George Illawarra Dragons should the Corporate Partners contact details change. The St George Illawarra Dragons hold no responsibility for a Corporate Partners failure to update their personal details. To update your personal details please call the Dragons office 02 9587 1966 or website www.dragons.com.au 


  1. The St George Illawarra Dragons do not warrant that every request for Corporate Partnership, ticketing, and/or seating allocation can or will be complied with.


  1. Corporate Partnership applies for one season only unless otherwise agreed upon


  1. Seats are the property of the venue and are subject to availability i.e. in case of redevelopment to sections of the stadium, seats may no longer be available.


  1. If required, ticket allocation for Dragons Home Games at venues other than WIN Stadium Wollongong and Jubilee Stadium, Kogarah will be allocated based on similar characteristics of WIN Stadium and Jubilee Stadium seating where possible. Due to the different sized seating bays etc some flexibility is required. Ticket allocations for Dragons Away Games are subject to confirmation by the Home Club and the respective venue and will be communicated separately where required.


  1. Dishonoured Credit Card Payments: If a credit card payment is declined by your bank you will be contacted regarding an alternate form of payment. If the alternate payment method is also unsuccessful your order may be removed from the seating allocation queue.


  1. Corporate Partnership Classification and Age Restrictions: Junior: to qualify as a Child you must be 14 years or younger on December 31, 2023. Children under 4 years of age on this date may enter the venue for free, but must be seated on the lap of an accompanying adult. Concession: Valid concessions include full-time students, aged, invalid, disabilities, TPI, and war veteran pensions. It is a condition of entry that all Concession card holders agree to present their concession identification card if requested. If a concession card cannot be presented the Corporate Partnership card holder will be refused entry to the venue. Concession Corporate Partnerships cannot be upgraded for individual games. 


  1. Any user of the Corporate Partnership rights is also bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Corporate Partnership, and the member is obliged to inform such persons of these terms and conditions.


  1. Refund Policy: Refunds will not be given for games that cannot be attended, changes in personal circumstances nor requests made based on team performance, however Hospitality tickets are transferrable and can be used by friends or family if the Member is unable to attend a match. 


  1. The St George Illawarra Dragons reserve the right to suspend/cancel a Corporate Partnership of any member who behaves in a manner that is deemed to be inappropriate. Please be mindful of those around you, and immediately report anything you deem to be inappropriate to the customer service staff on game day so the matter can be dealt with immediately. The St George Illawarra Dragons have the right to decide what is inappropriate conduct in its sole discretion. The member has no right to object to or appeal against any decision by the St George Illawarra Dragons to suspend or cancel a Corporate Partnership as a consequence of the Partner acting in a manner the St George Illawarra Dragons consider is inappropriate.


  1. All Corporate Partnerships are subject to the Conditions of Entry to the venues included in your chosen Partnership.


  1. The St George Illawarra Dragons have the right to cancel Corporate Partnerships for breaches of the condition of entry to any venue, or the breaches of the Member Code of Conduct. Cancelled Corporate Partnerships will not be reimbursed and no compensation will be provided. In circumstances where your Corporate Partnership is suspended or cancelled for inappropriate conduct you will not be entitled to a refund for any unused portion of your Corporate Partnership entitlements.


  1. The St George Illawarra Dragons reserve the right to refuse an application for Corporate Partnership.


  1. The Club shall not be liable in any manner for failure or delay in fulfilling any obligation to the extent and during the time that such failure is caused by natural calamity, strike or other industrial action, regulation or by any other cause beyond its reasonable control.


  1. The products and services offered in any sponsor promotional material are not offered by the St George Illawarra Dragons. The St George Illawarra Dragons do not accept liability for any product or service referred to in such material, and to the widest extent possible at law excludes all liability with respect to these products and services.


  1. Your privacy is important to the St George Illawarra Dragons and we have procedures in place to ensure that your information remains confidential. We are mindful that your personal details are private and as such we will only disclose your information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. Any information we disclose about a Corporate Partnership account can only be with a Primary Account Holder. 


  1. Corporate Partners Code of Conduct. All Corporate Partners are expected to comply with a strict code of conduct and respect fellow fans. In the event of misconduct your Corporate Partnership may be cancelled at any time.


  1. As a Corporate Partner, you agree to:
  • Work with the Club to enforce the Code of Conduct at home and away games
  •  Advise the Club of any people not complying with the Code of Conduct
  • Respect that opposition fans have an allegiance to their own Club and welcome all fans to our home venue
  • We will not abuse or use bad language towards fellow supporters, away supporters, players, officials, media or other
  • Understand that anti-social behaviour causing offence by words, actions or intoxication will not be tolerated and will result
    in ejection from the venue and possible cancellation of your Corporate Partnership
  • We will not engage in activity that embarrasses or inhibits others from enjoying the viewing of the game
  • We will advise security or police of anti-social behaviour
  • We will not publicly criticise the Dragons in a demeaning or derogatory manner regarding team selection, coaching, player
    contracts, and other decisions made by the administration.
  • We will not display banners with obscene or inappropriate messages.
  • Abide by the Conditions of Entry of any venues at which our games are played